EyeDrive: What can I do?

  • Mail your old eyeglasses to EyeSightForAll.org
  • If you would like to do a donation drive, please contact us so you receive recognition on our website. Thanks!
Start your own community collection drive:

(1) Ask your local school principal/staff for permission to put an EyeSightForAll eyeglass donation bin in the front office, library or gym.  Also, informational flyers can be printed out and sent home to parents along with school or teacher announcements and correspondence.

(2) Place collection bins in: your local eye doctor's office, hospitals, churches, health clubs/YMCAs. 

(3) Contact the Human Resources Manager of large employers in your community and ask if they would allow donation bins in their cafeteria or reception.

(4) Call your local news station (radio, television) and newspaper and inform them of your collection drive and bin locations.

(5) Give a brief presentation at your school letting other students, faculty and parents know that you would like to collect use eyeglasses for the benefit of the needy. Get permission to put a donation bin (Ex: A cardboard box with a sign saying EyeSightForAll.org Donation Bin). You can use the script below.

Sample Script:

Used Eyeglass Donation Drive


My name is ____________________, and I am collecting used eyeglasses for EyeSightForAll.org. Donated eyeglasses are distributed to people of all ages, who can't afford to buy eyeglasses in developing countries. Over 1 billion people in developing countries need eyeglasses, but can not afford them and over 4 million eyeglasses are thrown away each year in America! So, if you have old sunglasses that are out of style, or glasses with an old prescription, or frames with broken or missing lenses, please donate them.

EyeSightForAll.org is a not-for-profit started by school students, aimed at increasing awareness in America for the need to recycle old eyeglasses via donation, so they can be reused in countries all over the world. Please visit www.EyeSightForAll.org for more information.

Thanks for helping others see the world more clearly!