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Our names are Sonia & Krish and we are students living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We started EyeSightForAll.org in the Summer of 2008Sonia wears prescription eyeglasses and she realized she was taking vision for granted when her frames were accidentally broken. It took several days before her replacement eyeglasses arrived and during that time she found it difficult to do everyday activities, such as  playing sports, doing homework and watching television. She began to think about how difficult life must be for those who can not afford prescription eyeglasses. We discussed these issues with our parents and they encouraged us to research the problem and learn more about it. We found out that there are only a few organizations doing something about this issue - and although their work is truly amazing - it is not enough!

Most of us (in developed countries) replace our eyeglasses when our prescriptions change. Sunglasses go out of style, so we replace our old sunglasses with new ones. But what happens to the old frames? Often, old pairs get forgotten at the back of a stuffed drawer- or worse - they get thrown away! Those old eyeglasses could be recycled and reused by the less fortunate in developing countries.

Please join us in helping others see the world more clearly!


Sonia & Krish

P.S. - If you have any suggestions, or ideas on ways to help people with vision problems, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Please email us at: info@EyeSightForAll.org