Our Mission

The mission of EyeSightForAll.org is to: (1) raise awareness in the United States of the need to recycle old eyeglasses; (2) actively collect used eyeglasses; and (3) deliver donated eyeglasses to various charitable organizations, who possess the infrastructure to clean, sort, process, and distribute to the needy worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 150 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism). Refractive errors can easily be corrected with eyeglasses, yet millions in undeveloped nations lack access to basic eye care services. Poor vision affects a person's quality of life in so many ways. For children, lack of clear vision can lead to learning and developmental problems and even failure in school. For adults, uncorrected vision can lead to unemployment and the inability to support a family. Seniors with vision loss are limited in performing daily activities, depriving them of an independent lifestyle.